Wolf Bites Boy


Voice: Rob Lad - Guitar & Vocals (AWOL/Senseless)

Bass: Stu - Bass/Vocals (AWOL/Senseless)
Drums: Paul H (Living Dead/Senseless)

Label: SharkBreathPromotions
Genre: Punk Rock / Street Punk
Location: Sheffield / Stoke on Trent
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Wolf Bites Boy

Wolf bites boy features Rob Lad on Guitar & vocals (AWOL/Senseless), Paul H Drums (Living Dead/Senseless) and Stu Bass/Vocals (AWOL/Senseless).
Wolf bites boy carries on from the classic early sound of Senseless, Loud, Aggressive and uncompromising.
Founded in March 2014 this Stoke/Sheffield based band has gone from strength to strength, releasing video's, compilation albums/singles and even a movie soundtrack.
Future plans for 2015 include the debut album "Family isn't always blood" to be released on Fight to live records, split singles with English/American/Spanish/French & Australian bands and.....another movie soundtrack.
Wolf bites boy's classic Street punk/Oi style singalong songs are quickly winning fans and recognition worldwide.
2015 promises to be massive for this hard working band, who have done so much in such a short amount of time.


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