United Defiance


Voice: Rich - Guitar/Vocals
Guitar: Noless - Guitar/Vocals
Bass: Robert Smith - Bass/ Vocals
Drums: Tuggle - Drums/burritos

Genre: Punk
Location: East Bay, CA
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- United Defiance

United Defiance formed in 2005 in the East Bay of Northern California. The band has been a part of the ever changing punk scene ever since.

United Defiance stands for far more than just the members in the band. Individuality, politics, friends and family these are some of the things that help drive our influnces in music. We do not see the need for competition with other bands, we raise our fist in support to you all. We have been lucky enough to have played some of the best venues and with some of the best bands all over SF, Oakland, Berkeley and Northern California and Nevada. After about a 2 year hiatus UD is back with a vengence. With alil bit of a new line up and a wholemlotta motivation Expect to see huge things from United Defiance
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United Defiance


Blood For Blood, Bad Religion, Pennywise, NOFX, Lagwagon, Operation Ivy, No Use For a Name, Green Day, Strung Out, KPF, The Swinging Utters, Gutter Mouth, Iron Maiden, G.B.H., Sum 41, AFI (Answer that and stay fashionable) Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Rancid, Lars Fredriksen and the bastards, Social Distortion, Madd Caddies, Good Riddance, Consumed, Downway, Lagwagon, Flogging Molly, The Excuse, S.T.F.U, , Black Flag, The Dread, RKL(RIP), The Sick, Time Again, Bigwig, Econo-Christ, Grimple, Filth, Avail, The Evicted, HateBreed, The Unseen, Eldopa, The Rashomon Effect (R.I.P), The Dead Kennedys, Catch 22, Dropkick Murphy's, United Blood, Face to Face, Trouble Maker. and most importantly our friends and family.


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