Tokolosh Nightmare


Voice: Adam Combrink - AKA Wig
Guitar: Michael Way - AKA Crumbs
Bass: Fiona Covarr - AKA Vibes
Drums: Barri Howes - AKA Ninja Stix
Others: Michael Hawtry - AKA Joker
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Punk / Thrash
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Tokolosh Nightmare

Tokolosh Nightmare was formed through the passion for music by five individuals with different outlooks, but with one vision. The future of Punk is Tokolosh Nightmare! Music for the people, saying what everyone is thinking...FUCK YOU!

Ninja Stix Bio

Ninja Stix grew up in a small town in Cape Town called Kraaifontein. Starting his musical career out as a roadie for local bands and was inspired by their performances. After a while he grew a passion for drumming and starting out with just buckets and hand crafted sticks. The persistence and passion lead him to purchase his first perspecs ddrum kit from another drummer. In 1997 he joined his first band. After a few years of playing in bands, Ninja Stix did a two year stint in the UK where he formed and Indie punk Band with a flat mare in 2007. They played various show in London and Reading’s underground scene, including the Conwy Festival in Wales. Returning to South-Africa Ninja Stix played for KTG, Neonate, Stone Griffin. One day inspired to start the most amazing Punk Band with Friend Wig and Vibes, they recruited the likes of the awesome Crumbs and Frog to form Tokolosh Nightmare.


I picked up an acoustic guitar at the age of 13 messed around on and off for a few years with that. Developed a passion for writing through the years and wrote countless songs and poems ( lost them all). +- 2003 was recruited as vocalist for SNIPER ON THE ROOF. Some of the best gigs performed were-Woodstock, thrashers skate park, sundowners, Emperors Palace and toured Cape Town. My time in s.o.t.r lasted about 3 years until the band split up. I started a side project called the R-SOULS, performed on 2 songs , wrote one. In 2014 started drumming for a band called RIOT CONTROL. I’ve always had a passion for punk rock and now co-write and perform for the best south African punk band known to human kind………welcome to TOKOLOSH NIGHTMARE!!!! 

Vibes Bio

In the late 90’s Vibes moved to Scotland. She started playing bass and formed the band called Hybrid with a good friend. We recorded a demo and started gigging. In early 2000 Vibes joined a band called Snoblind. A metal band from Edinburgh. Snoblind recorded a demo and was together for one year. 2007 – 2012 Vibes formed her own band called Fiona Jean, playing alternative rock on rhythm guitar. Vibes left England and returned to JHB South Africa. In 2014 Vibes joined Stone Griffin playing what she loves best; the bass guitar. Stone Griffin was a growing success, but was put on hold. On a night out on the town, the Idea of Tokolosh Nightmare was born in a discussion with Vibes, Wig and Stix. Soon afterwards Tokolosh Nightmare was born!!!

Crumbs Bio

Crumbs has been performing in bands for 2 decades, no he is not old he was just born with a guitar for an extra limb leading to numerous bands and having the stage as a second home, sometimes sleeping under them. With all the band experience it has caused Crumbs to develop song writing sills that has prevented tomato throwing and and many chanting anthems.


My name is Mike, also known as frog, I have been playing guitar at 16 and bass since I was 17. I studied music at Wits University for a year and a half. I have been playing in bands since I was 16 bands like, The final act and Hillvalley runaways and now I have the privilege to play for Tokolosh Nightmare! I also manage a band called Above Atlas. My goal as a musician to inspire people as well as allow people to escape the stresses of life just by coming to shows and listening to music, music is the perfect outlet.

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