the Wave sthlm


Label: N/a
Genre: Alternative rock Punk
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- the Wave sthlm

The Wave sthlm formed in Stockholm, Sweden, early 2012 and quickly proved themselves to be an outright sensation live. Their take on aggressive punk n´roll is firmly rooted in history inspired by acts like Nirvana, the Stooges and Refused but at the same time gazing towards the future of rock music. If there is any. Fueled by energetic stage presence, sluggerlike music and  bittersweet lyrics the Wave sthlm aims at carving out their very own niche in music history. You have seen rock duos before. But no one quite like this.



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the Wave sthlm
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the Wave sthlm
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the Wave sthlm
@the-wave-sthlm • 3 years ago
New EP!!! TRAILER PARK EP!!! Let us know what you think about it!
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