The Transplants


Voice: Jordan Kratz
Guitar: Dan McCormack
Bass: Mark Hussey
Drums: Paul Lacritz (Original), Roger Tripp (Second)

Genre: Punk Rock
Location: Portland, Maine
Status: Not Active

Brief Bio:- The Transplants

The Transplants were founded by Jordan sometime in the winter 1976/spring 1977.Originally the band was called The Plants.The name was changed to The Transplants because of the many people who joined and then quit cause they didn't want to play Punk Music.At first Jordan's boyhood friend John Dineen played Drums.He then recruited Steven Foster (now deceased)and a few other guys to do a Punk Band.At one time the drummer of the Boston Punk band "Tracks"Wild Johnny tried out for guitar.Different friends played and left until the Marblehead version.There joining him were 2 High School friends,"Dan MaCormack on guitar and Mark Hussey on bass".Dan wrote nearly all of the music for the band and Jordan wrote the lyrics.In 1973 they had jammed together in High School.The drummer was Paul Lacritz who lived on the next street.When Jordan did a paper route (at the age of 12) Paul let him watch him jam with his old bands.He was glad to bring him on board.A tape was recorded with this line-up in Lynn,Massachusetts at our old loft space.Overdubs and mixing was at Jordan's parents home. Sensing it was time to move on to new and maybe better music Jordan sought to create something that was different from the Disco and Pop Dinosaur Rock which spewed forth from almost every Radio Station.Jordan discovered Punk when tuning in to the Deme Monde in 1976.The radio was playing Blue Cheer and then more cool music.Jordan became a follower hearing Iggy,Blue Cheer,MC5,and other garage hard rock 60's bands.The new music from Boston and other places was great.Jordan began to write his own Punk Tunes in the late months of 1976.At this time he was the only Punk north of Boston, Massachusetts.In all the suburbs there was not a Punk to be seen.People would laugh at his appearance and call him crude names.This only fueled the anger to create new music hated by the normals.There is a tape (made late 1976-early 1977) with Jordan and his friend Wayne playing tunes and some of these were done later by The Transplants.The Transplants were formed in the old rockin rebelious tradition.The Deadboys,Ramones, and others were playing live in Boston.Jordan turned Dan and Mark onto the New Music and they also saw the chance to do something new too. After going through many drummers(who would quit when the Band was close to playing out) Roger Tripp the drummer of LaPeste agreed to join.Then the band practised at the Chauncey Street Loft of LaPeste and made a Home Studio Demo.Live shows followed.The 2 clips you can watch were filmed at the BFVF in Boston 6/79.This was at the ,"Creeper Film Benefit", a money raising event to complete the film that many of the local rockers had parts in.There are 3 audio tapes which survived over the years.The Paul Lacritz sessions,The Roger Tripp sessions,and 2 live sets from The Space.there is one video tape with 3 songs from that BFVF show.A full length vinyl LP is being released by Rave Up Records.Audio Restoration and Mastering is being done now on the surviving Transplants Audio Tapes.This project is finished and the LP is out and available for order.Also Dionysus Records has put out a full length LP which includes over 30 minutes more material than the first LP.


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