the Horribles


Voice: Drake Rogers
Guitar: Joe Hunter
Bass: Matt Hamner
Drums: Yusuf Elshihibi
Others: Justin Stabler
Genre: street punk/hardcore punk
Location: New Port Richey,fl.
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- the Horribles

The horribles first started in mid 2012 and has been hitting hard since. The band was founded by lead vocalist Drake rogers and bass player Matt hamner.about a month of jamming went by and they took on one of Drake's longtime friends justin stabler for didnt work out.he wanted to play guitar.justin called up another lifelong friend Yusuf Elshihibi,an established drummer of the pasco county,fl. music scene.Joe Hunter on guitar just kind of showed up.......The Horribles were born!

2 weeks after the full band formed they had their first show @ stingrays bar with st.pete punx Mosquito Teeth.and the music that came from the horribles was HORRIBLE!...literally. The Horribles kept playing anywhere they could and developed a raw tone which will be forever known.

within the first 2 years of The Horribles,they've played with philly punk legends The Virus,the murder junkies,Moral Decline,Mosquito Teeth(straight from the backyard of st.pete) and many more!!!!!

be sure to keep an eye and an ear out for their first full lenth album 'Pasco Punx" by the end of 2014!!!


The Virus,lower class brats,The Unseen,The Casualties,Fear,Bad religion,Rancid,Black Flag,Monster Squad,Oxymoron,The Agrestix,Blanks 77 and MANY MORE!!!!


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