The FckUps


Voice: Tobias Le FckUp
Guitar: Kenny van Fcktard
Bass: Raj Mahal
Drums: Macca

Label: Rooftop Records
Genre: Punk
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- The FckUps

The Fckups are an all natural, great tasting antidote to the Technicolor bile of our consumer culture.

To experience the Fckups is to be immersed in a visceral cyclone of euphoric energy; raging against conformity to the mainstream; raging against the manipulative pap that peddles the fear that ‘You’re not good enough’; raging against the powers that make every effort to homogenize our culture.

The Fckups preach the gospel that we all must embrace and dance with our ‘inner fckup’.

The Fckups are:

Tobias LeFckup – formerly front-man to Headcase and then El Bruto. Tobias transcends the inherent pain of the human condition by channeling his and our collective rage, amplifying it with Magus like energy, refining it like a master Punk Rock Yogi and then delivering it with the charisma of a Southern Baptist Minister.

Kenny Van Fcktard – Guitar slayer extraordinaire … harmonic punctuator in Mungus, the Broke and Death Rabbit Boutique. Part sledgehammer, part chainsaw, part Angel.

Raj Mahal – Sub Sonic Bass Blaster … 3PBS Mystery man and enigmatic musical connoisseur … you know him?

Macca (le Wakka) – He’s the Fckups nitro burning, hyper revving torque monster of a sticks man. The Beat Engine. He also swings like a Motherfucker.

Be empowered by your inner Fckup.

Feel the awesome power.


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