Still Strangers


Voice: Denis Arbeiter
Guitar: Dominik Širovnik, Martin Frangež
Bass: Aljaž Dobnik
Drums: Žiga Brglez

Genre: Punkrock, Poppunk
Location: Slovenia
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Still Strangers

Imagine chemical concoction, in which we mix 5 young, upbeat musicians, with the saying: Band is everything, everything is band. Each one puts his own piece of themselves in it and what you get is exploding reaction. This is the band Still Strangers. Curent band works from august 2013. What happens when they all come together on the stage? An explosion of energy. You will remember them. If not by their energy, then after the messege they send out with each song.

Their inspiration comes from a lot of bands like: Pierce The Veil, All Time Low, Tonight alive, Green day, One Ok Rock etc. If you’re interested to see that chemical concation turn in to chemical reaction, then wait no more. Come to see it for yourself.


All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Tonight Alive, Green Day


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