Sonic Graffiti


Voice: Drew / Mandolin / Vox

Bass: Dane / Backing Vox
Drums: Trevor / Percussion / Backing Vox

Genre: Rock 'n' Roll, Punk, Blues, Garage, Soulfull voodoo funk
Location: Saint Petersburg, FL
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Sonic Graffiti

Sonic Graffiti started as an idea in the womb by twin brothers Dane and Drew...they would start a rock 'n' roll band when the time was right...

"probably Florida's most anti-hipster rock band"(Tuff Gnarl) Sonic Graffiti is something you won't find in today's trendy music world. Drew's " persuasive singing and gonzo guitars and psych/blues riffs"(the modern folk music of America) along with his brother Dane's funky and driving barrage of bass takes traditional rock 'n' roll and expands upon it. With Trevor on the drums the three boys make a "a powerful entry into rock n' roll."(TG)

The boys "are a loud rock and roll band with a '77 punk sound and a groovy bluesy feel––It's like screaming razor blades that you can feel bleeding your ears with angry guitar leads and crashing drums, splashing rhythms, jumping skin crawling hooks, and badass lyrics"(Don't Stop St Pete Music Blog)

Yet Sonic Graffiti came in fruition by accident in January of 2013 with the boys playing their first show after just three practices. They were asked to play a show and this seemed to continue enough times where it was no longer an accident. An energetic and always spontaneous live show had the boys playing all over the Tampa Bay area of Florida and even to New Orleans, opening for touring bands like Broncho, Mercies, the Tontons, and even the Barb Wire Dolls from Greece.

"these cats are straight in my book, because they crank it up, kick it out and shoot for the rafters with real abandon. Channeling the almighty MC5, their garage-scraped, blues-licked proto-punk is some primal-howl, true-believer stuff. It's raw but big, with just enough guitar heroics to rock, not wank. And it's one sweet bomb of grease, cacophony and thickness." (Orlando Weekly)

The boys also recorded a 6 song EP titled "Friendly Unit Creation Kit" that not only captured the pandemonium of their rock 'n' roll improve style....

"this brief EP is a full on assault, but it leaves you feeling like you might not mind being assaulted for a little longer."(MFMA)

but was also filled with surprises...

"Victoria" — anchors the five-song effort and is definitely the subdued cool down following four cuts of call-back chorus, sprawling, soulful, absolutely head-banging rock & roll."(Suburban Apologist)

After headlining several music festivals in St Pete the boys now plan to hit the road and tour in the spring, more surprises are on the way and more boundaries will be dissolved...

"Listening to Sonic Graffiti, one is left with a boldly lined truth:This band has balls."(DSSP)


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