Voice: Mark: Vox/Guitar
Guitar: Shorty: Vox/Guitar
Bass: Holmes
Drums: Matty

Label: Sitting Duck
Genre: Punk Rock
Location: Belfast, Ireland UK
Status: Not Active

Brief Bio:- Snitch!

Welcome to the home of Snitch!, a Belfast based melodic punk band with a vision of changing nothing and pushing no boundaries! What you see is what you get with Snitch! and it is this 'god love them at least they're trying' attitude that pushes them from mediocre gig to mediocre gig playing half assed and spewing crap in the process!

We take our influences from bands such as Dillinger Four, Guttermouth, Snuff etc. We thrash away like our lives depend on it and seem to have a knack of making every drunk muthafucka in the room dance like anĀ idiot!


Dillinger Four, Guttermouth, Snuff, etc...


No Label Punk Band Promotions

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