Voice: Isaac Hare
Guitar: Micah Watz
Bass: Bruce Eklove
Drums: Josh Huston

Label: Criminal Records
Genre: Punk Rock / Sleezey Grunge / Groovy
Location: Rockford, Illinois
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Sleeze

First let us introduce ourselves, We are SLEEZE from Rockford IL. The current lineup consists of Isaac Hare on Lead Vocals, Micah Watz on Lead Guitar, Bruce Eklove on Bass Guitar, and Josh Huston on Drums and Percussion, however this is not the original lineup. It took two years for Isaac to find the perfect members, but ever since, we have been expanding our contacts and fanbase by getting singed to a two year recording contract through Criminal Records, constantly writing fresh material, and getting our foot in the door of the music industry. Now we are trying to expand our connections within the market by promoting ourselves to record labels, producers, booking agencies, management companies, websites, and magazines and increasing our general knowledge of being successful band in our day and age.

The steps we have taken to get to this point in our careers have been enjoyable and arduous, simultaneously, over the last four years. During this time SLEEZE started carving its name into the Rockford underground music scene, with our evolving sound and image. Within the last year we have sent out thousands of emails promoting our music around the world, and as a result we have been hosted on several radio stations around the world in countries such as Norway, Australia, Germany, England and multiple cities within the United States. And many shows of course.

We currently released our first self-titled album on March 19th, 2013, and are in the process of promoting it out to the world. We recently made a deal to work with Chicago based production company, T-Minus Ten, and are in the process of planning a locally based music festival called "Sleezefest" and planning to hop on Lollapalooza, Warped tour, and Riot Fest, though these are not certain yet.

We are thankful for the opportunity to make great quality music for the world to enjoy and will be working extremely hard to produce even better soundingmaterial, though we have more than enough songs for our second record. We're working on expanding our stock of available merchandise, including t-shirts,hoodies, hats, thongs, buttons, exc.. hopefully vinyl copies of the album.

Our plans within the next couple years include an American Tour, writing better and more thought out material, and acquiring bigger and better connections within our reach. Were looking to expand beyond free social media websites and build a professional webpage that would in turn build our fan base, and increase our profit margin and also, eventually, we want to get better quality and more reliable equipment to improve our performing abilities, and not just musical gear, but also props to increase the theatrics of our overall live shows.

So with this information we hope to strike an interest within you, the reader, of this explanation of what SLEEZE actually is, and what it has the undeniable potential to become. But you really need to decide for yourself; Let the music speak for itself.


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