Slade and the Wasters


Voice: Tommy Slade - Vocals, Guitar
Guitar: Kregg Young
Bass: Milo Hatch
Drums: Adrian (A-Train) Baptist

Label: Burnt Out Records
Genre: Punk / Grunge / Melodic Hardcore
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Slade and the Wasters

The band formed in August of 2012 when Tommy Slade (approaching a 4 year hiatus from taking the stage with a full band) made two phone calls; one to J.J. Kimmel, his old band mate in a Punk Hardcore band called Killjoy Kids and current drummer for Mosquito Teeth, to play drums; and the other to Kregg Young, the bass player for the recently disbanded Gonad Rehab. But as fate would have it, Kregg didn't even own a bass at the time, yet insisted on coming out to jam on guitar anyway. A couple of jam sessions later and they all knew they had something good in the works… So the newly formed trio went about writing new material and rehearsing while they auditioned bass players. Eventually, with 3 weeks until their first booked gig and still no bassist in the line up, Slade would call on an old friend, and also a former member of the Killjoy Kids, Milo Hatch. As Slade puts it, “With a rumble of his bass, Milo hit the ground running.” and the band would go on to play several bay area shows and record their debut EP titled “Scour the Waste”. The six-song release was well received around the Tampa Bay area and helped drive their local success. The band was just picking up steam when a motor cycle accident became a close call for JJ. His drumming had to be put on hold so he could recover from his injuries. With a ton of gigs already booked, the Wasters called on Adrian Baptist (formerly of Rude Squad & Demo Rats) to fill in for them on the drums. After much discussion, and with JJ making a slow recovery to again play drums with Mosquito Teeth, the band decided to take on A-Train full time. Now with the band’s current line-up, they are playing all around the state Florida, with national dates popping up here and there, and writing new material for their upcoming full length album “Off the Edge”.


Minor Threat, Bad Religion, Black Flag, Nirvana, SSD, Misfits, RATM, NOFX, Pennywise, to name a small few of the countless bands/artists that have saturated our cognizance over the years...


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