Rhetoric Vendetta


Voice: Vinnie - Guitar, Lead Vox
Guitar: Kenny - Lead Guitar, Vox
Bass: Habacuc - Bass, Vox
Drums: Ricky

Genre: Punk/Pop Punk
Location: Delavan Lake, Wisconsin
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Rhetoric Vendetta

Formed in 2011 by the origianl members Marcus, Habacuc, and Ricky, the band was in search for a lead singer, and was having the worst of luck. After almost 2 years of singers coming and going or just not working out a friend (Vinnie) of the band's guitarist (Marcus) was moving back to town, and was invited to try out. Bringing a vary poppy sound to the hard punk style the band had worked so hard for and staying true to the roots, the band was willing to give him a try to see how he would mix with the bands edge. The band now one more member stronger has put all of there creative ideas together, and the rest just fell into place. They have nothing in there way to stop them. Now playing loud and working together on original and new material the band is determined to get what they have been working there whloe lives for.


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