Voice: Chris Vanoli - Guitar & Lead Vocals

Bass: Mike Vanoli - Vocals / Bass
Drums: Jon Vilchez

Label: Talcum Records
Genre: Punk
Location: San Diego, California
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- PunchCard

Formed in San Diego in August of 2006, PunchCard has emerged on the San Diego punk scene with a fast, melodic and technical punk rock style. Their shows might be reminiscent of a drunken, amateur stand-up comedy hour, but if you can catch them actually playing a song............ah fuck it. I hate writing these goddman things. Go to a show. Watch them and enjoy!

The group started back in August of 2006 and has seen some band members come and go over the years. We first started playing together in Jonny's garage in San Diego (Mira Mesa), when Chris moved down from Chico, CA. Mike joined the band about a year after that and at the time we were a four piece. Jonny was actually the lead guitarist at that point in time. Things change. People come. People go, and low and behold Jonny seamless picked up the drums pretty well. We all pitched in for a drum set and that's how we got to where we are today.


Nofx, Lagwagon, Bad Religion, Zero Down


Shoot On Sight Punk Band Promotions

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01 Do Us Justice

album: Aces & 8's (PunchCard) - Gimmicks and Gunfire
genre: Melodic Punk
streams: 7

01 Do Us Justice

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