Potential Victims


Voice: Dave Spibey - Guitar / Lead Vocals
Guitar: Martin E.Z Meat
Bass: Toz Whelan
Drums: Simon Millen

Genre: Punk Rock
Location: Manchester, England
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Potential Victims

Potential victims 1982 anok punk band (also known as potvics for short) were formed way back in 82 by Jak and Toz.

First heard on vinyl on Crass Label with The Bullshit Detector 3 album with the track PEOPLE.

Playing gigs with the mob system flux etc.later on in 85 after numerous line up changes Dave Spibey joined on guitar. During this period potvics were playing alongside the likes of GBH, Anti Nowhere League etc on a regular basis.

You can catch this line up on youtube.

Regretably the band split at their peak in 1985, with Toz and Jak to continue with Iron Fist, while Spibey moved on with the Giro Brothers.

In 2010, the lads had a reunion and reformed, going on to play rebellion that year.

Three years later the band are still at it. Unfortuantly Jak the founder member is unable to be in the present line up since reforming.

Two DIY albums have been released 'Let Them Eat Soap' and 'Acting Dumb', also a track on the American compilation 'Brown Bag Propaganda Vol 3. The bands new EP 'Chewing Gum for the Brain' can be heard on potential victims Myspace page and in 2013 they are booked to play both Rebellion and Nice n Sleazy.


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