Now You Die


Voice: Dr Rock - Grunts n Riddm Geetar
Guitar: Thrax Random - lead geetar
Bass: Vic Demize (aka Bass Master Rubbers)
Drums: C Krotch

Label: Better Off Dead Records
Genre: Punk / Metal
Location: Melbourne Rock City, Australia
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Now You Die

Introducing . . . out of the depths of society’s unpalatable filth, comes . . .
Now… You Die!!!

. . . a band of misfits that you could never imagine could exist. Belonging in this vile excuse of a world yet at odds with every expectation you could possibly have. They get together and play fuck off heavy loud punk metal that will explode your ears, you won’t know what hit ya! They sing songs about stuff you and no one else want to hear. They ain’t gonna be popular, but hell, they’re gonna be loud!!

The Story of Now… You Die starts in 2004, when four freaks of nature named Michael, Rick, Sergeant Labia and Dr Rock got together to play some hard fuckin rockin metal punk even slightly stoner sounding tunes. Many a rehearsal session was spent drinkin beer, smoking scoobs and talkin filth. In fact, there was often so much smoking scoobs, drinkin beer and talking filth that we hardly ever made it to the end of a song.

This was, believe it or not, all very much fun (especially the smoking scoobs part) until disaster struck. Rick and Michael got pregnant had a kid each and their misuses didn’t let them out of the house no more. Sergeant Labia decided he dug breaks more and sold his bass guitar on E-Bay and bought a mixer. Dr Rock was exiled to Perth for crimes and sins unspeakable. The band was called Better off Dead, and it looks like the rock gods thought that this was quite appropriate.

Fortunately for you, Dr Rock managed to escape Perth and drag his sorry ass back across the Nullarbor. He made it, his car didn’t. To avenge the death of his car, he was determined more than ever to resurrect the spirit of Better off Dead, perhaps selecting an equally nihilistic but less self effacing name.

Searching for the perfect bandmates took Dr Rock from rehearsal studios to brothels, to fight clubs, to dark alleyways, to pubs, then brothels again and finally hand picked three extreme talents that shared one goal: to fuck shit up!!

As well as fucking shit up, Dr Rock, Thrash Random, C Krotch and Vic Demize found they could actually hold a tune and write some crankin tracks. So after a year of piss farting around and rehearsing, Now You Die!! were finally ready to take on the dirty streets of Melbourne’s pub circuit.


Dead Kennedys, Lard, Frenzal, Pantera, Enya


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