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Others: Kevin Schneeberger, José Paneque, Stefan Zeyer, Pan Aurel Bucher
Genre: Indie Rock / Pop / Punkrock
Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Norman Die

Norman die has a long journey behind itself. An eight-year-long and adventurous journey with countless memories, setbacks, experience and success. During this time the four from Lucerne stormed many stages in the entire German-speaking area and in the US. Their first single "Never ending romance" conquered the playlists of various radio stations.
During the past two years it quieted down around NORMAN DIE. Rumors about the failure and separation of the band circled. But in reality the quartet had pulled back to produce their debut album and record with their producer Marco Jencarelli.

Norman Die skillfully mixes the punk's furor with beautiful pop-harmonies, bluesy Chuck Berry-Licks and the charm of early British rock bands. However, the band does not only settle for loud guitars and pure energy. Especially acoustic ballads like «Hero on your wall» let girls' hearts melt. «Actor In A Moron Cast» however is more than a loose collection of songs. The album tells the tragic story of Adam. As an actor in a moron cast, his life resembles an absurd play, where feelings, family, love and individual freedom have no room. This leads to Adam isolating himself more and more from society and he threatens to break apart under the burden of his life. The cheerful music at the beginning accompanies the plot of the story and becomes more serious, melancholic and angry. The protagonist staggers between love, desire and apathy and finally finds himself in an imaginary world, in a bar, where the half-dead are assembled. But the wild rush does not last forever...

"Norman Die know how it works. The four of them have a rocking debut album, somewhere between Punk and Pop. With diverse tracks that leave no wish unfulfilled and come together smoothly. With their album «Actor In A Moron Cast» they were justifiably nominated for the SRF 3 Best talent music prize."
(Swiss Television SRF 2, June 2013)

„«Actor In A Moron Cast» is a concept album, not just songs strung together. Bold but exciting. And well executed."
(Swiss Radio SRF 3, June 2013)

"Successful premiere."
(, May 2013)

"The tracks sound amazing, the vocals are thought through and many songs twinkle with their eyes." (, 19.04.2013)


Sugarcult, Chuck Berry, American Hi-Fi, Blink 182, Foxboro Hot Tubs, The Beatles, Prima Donna, Pinhead Gunpowder, Green Day, The Ramones....


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