Moral Decline


Voice: Dave Decline
Guitar: Arthur Mcbarfson
Bass: Dave Decline
Drums: Ryan McPherren
Others: Eric RectumFist Andersch
Label: Get Loud Records
Genre: Punk "real punk"
Location: Tampa Fl
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Moral Decline

Moral Decline stays true to punk's core by eschewing the excess and playing with a fury that is refreshing to the modern music scene. In a world where boring, thoughtless music rules the airwaves, Moral Decline is like a kick to the testicles of Nickelback...a different kind of aggression. Having cut their teeth the past 14 years by touring the US playing with bands like AGNOSTIC FRONT, STRIKE ANYWHERE, DARKBUSTER, GANG GREEN, MURPHY'S LAW, THE KRUM BUMS, THE GERMS, and hundreds more of the best names in punk, the band is no stranger to the grueling life on the road. Basing material on life experience, the band comes from the heart and lets life be a constant inspiration and is poised to quickly become a favorite of any punk rock enthusiast.


a global threat, bad brains, nofx, bad religion, blood for blood, tsol, gang green, misfits


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