Voice: Tomas "Bullen" Oscarson
Guitar: Mike "Mouse" Smith
Bass: Chris Holmes
Drums: JP-Master
Others: Mike Modin - Guitar / Vocals
Label: Hulu Records
Genre: Punk
Location: Borås, Sweden
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Mogel

We are a Swedish punkband called MÖGEL. We celebrated 25 years of playing

together with an album with stuff mostly from demos and a couple of unreleased tracks + and mixer from different albums with Swedish vocals. It is called Ditt Elände and contains one hour of swedish punk H/C. The fun thing is that we got our original vocalist back on the album. He left the band 1993. But now he is back after some hard years and becoming clean again.

We stopped using Record companies ,and all stuff recorded since 2005 is up for free download at our home page. All material is Swedish language. http://www.Mö

The homepage is also in Swedish language but i think you manage to download anyway.

The first release on the site Helt Jävla Såld 2005 is an self extracting file. But it is harmless and contains only music and cover. We have some videos on youtube also,the last thing i put up was Mögel live RockBorgen 1992 it is a hint of what we sounds like today. There is a Mögel band before us also. A girl band and they have reunited for some reason but plays Punk Rock almost, and not for a second sounds like us. So don't be mistaken by that if you search for Mögel.And all material from our homepage can be used as you wish. The records we did with our record company is long gone and hard to find



Mögel show up for the first time in Borås Tidning and interviewed the youth side "graffiti". Rooster Combs, a lot of rivets and gigs mostly around the duty recreation. Niklas ends.

1989 - Second demo "Death goes hand in hand" is released. It contains, inter alia, "Monetary Executioner" and "Life in tatters." New drummer and additional guitarist for a little while, Fox and the Loaf.

1990 - This year, placing the Mögel for the first time on record. It is a compilation called "The Wild, Raw and Beautiful" and placing both on LP and CD. "Giants" and "A ding ding world" named songs that Mögel contributes. "Giants" is about the arms race between the then superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union. Tomas takes both drums and vocals a little while here before JP jumps on the train and plays drums with double bass drums, so it is nice to. With both punk and thrash in the blood, he shows the way so it gets some momentum.

1991 - Mögel and friends of thrash band SLR, (which later became Guinea Pigs) sharing a split single and released on their own. Mögel begins to sing a bit in English and is a bit inside a surf punk period.

1992 - Mögel release her first disc, a vinyl with 6 tracks and is called "It Is not dream. The song becomes a hit in Czech radio and it will be a tour in the Czech Republic has become quite chaotic. Mögel is also playing at the legendary music venue Bunker in Prague. Lirar also at various festivals around the Czech Republic, Banana Club, and other unforgettable venues.

The record company Arda Records released the single "Taken From". A new punkwave beginning to be felt in Sweden and Mögel lirar pretty much live. It conducted a tour of Sweden called Punk train where blah alcohol poets brothers Birro included. That year, jumping, unfortunately the original singer Thomas Franzen of the band.

1993 - Now released "Your lying" as is Mögel first full length album and it is sung in Swedish again. The board reached out to many and became very popular. Mögel change the years record companies to Camel Records because out of the Arda screwed.

1994 - The new wave punk is a fact and Mögel lirar with bands such as Dia Psalma, Happy Hardcore and Cosa Nostra. Tomas "Bullen" Oscarson takes over the mic and sing on the next album release "Up Yours" which is a single with eight songs that the band were very pleased with. It will be voted as the ugliest cover of the album that year. There is also a tour in Germany. There will be gigs in pubs, clubs, at an abandoned swimming pool, water ski club, in a castle and an abandoned old prison (where, moreover, the band's roadie was attacked by a one-armed-bandit!). Plus a bunch of squats, so performances could end up anywhere.

1995 - It released a single with four tracks, including songs like "Fucked Up," "Jimmy" and the title track to the second full length album "Scream". Mike "Mouse" Smith jumps on the train and plays second guitar that takes the guitar solos to new heights. There will also be a tour of Central Europe but not so many gigs that would be made. It has the ability to become chaotic when the Mögel is on tour, not least of all this time with a tour leader in Spain with a clue and a mangy bus to slave in which the lice and bugs had fled the field for other odors. Then the drummer breaks his hand after the first gig in Spain may well have to do with it. There were however some unforgettable gigs especially in Toulouse, France. Mögel partied and stayed a week there and met some amazing people who showed the city and another. "Bullen" drop, unfortunately, the band that year.

1996 - Mögel rehearsed a lot and did all these songs, did some MAIN STREET only. Anders takes over the vocals and Tony cut themselves and acquire a job.

1997 - Mike lirar bit and doing side projects with his brothers, Mind your head.

2004 - Mögel reunite and do a gig at Avenue Farm, an old classic punkhak in Borås. Tony chooses to step down as Krille Holmes hangs on the base, and Bullen crawling under his rock and grabs the mic once more in the Mögel. In the fall, it also has a dazed, ösig gig on McEwan and one at Rock Castle together with Guinea Pigs and Pink Floyd. This lights the spark and inspiration for a new disc.

2005 - Mögel gathers and scratch themselves and discharged instrument, the 20 gun tunes and get in the studio. Bullen and JP take the knobs in the studio, but basically know how, but it will grow something that the whole band will be happy with, TOTALLY FUCKING SOLD! is a fact. It feels a bit like Mögel has found the track back to the roots and it is sung in Swedish again.


Mögel now consists of:

Tomas "Bullen" Oscarson on vocals, JP-Master on drums, Mike "Mouse" Smith on guitar, Chris Holmes from Guinea Pigs on bass and Mike Modin on guitar and vocals.


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album: Helt Jävla Såld
genre: Punk
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