Lower the Flags


Voice: Dan Barter
Guitar: Danny Guy - Guitar / Vocals
Bass: Michael Francis - Bass / Vocals
Drums: Ben Reeves
Others: David Witt - Guitar
Genre: Melodic Punk Rock
Location: Bath/Chippenham, UK
Status: Not Active

Brief Bio:- Lower the Flags

After several changes in the bands line up, we have found one that has clicked straight away and were excited about the coming year and our future.

As a band we all have a wide and varied music taste and we are influenced by all of it. but at heart we are a no nonsense, loud, melodic punk band.

We have almost completed recording 7 tracks that are sounding great so far and we hope to have them finished and available soon.

We are allways writing and working on new ideas and this year is looking busy and exciting for us already.

Any enquiries about booking or gigs please leave a message with us on here or

come catch one of our shows!

cheers Lower the Flags


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