Voice: Shockerz
Guitar: Vinny Bad Blood
Bass: Steve Slacido
Drums: Patrick Fears

Label: Psycho A Go-GO Records
Genre: Horror punk / Psychobilly / punk
Location: Borwnsville, Texas
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Livends


Livends are a horror punk band from Brownsville,TX formed in 1996. They are - ..THE ORIGINAL, TEXAS HORROR PUNK BAND.. - Previously based out of Austin,TX and formerly signed to Hairball8/Psychobilly U.S Records, they continue to be essential in today's Horror Punk scene. They have released several limited tracks and albums such as "Ghoul Rock" (1996), "Night of The Bats" (1999), as well as 2010's newest album, "Let It Bleed". Since then, Livends have undergone numerous lineup changes and have returned to the "4 piece" lineup, and prove to be unstoppable! Each member brings their own musical influences which range from "Danzig" era-Misfits (foremost) and Samhain,( also including many familiar legendary punk staples... not omitting their love for classic thrash and heavy metal), to create the unique horror sounds of Livends! They have shared stages with American and International punk and psychobilly acts such as - The Misfits, Michale Graves, Calabrese, The M3t3ors, The Quakes, Phantom Rockers, Nekromantix, 7 Shot Screamers, Pagan Dead, G-string, Koffin Katz, A Corpse Vanishes ,Resurex, Calavera, 12 Step Rebels, and Hellbats, to name a few. Keep an eye out for us, when they hit your town! 


..THE ORIGINAL, TEXAS HORROR PUNK BAND..!---- ”It’s not often that a punk album of this genre captures the feel and the heart, allow me to say, the “all hell breaking loose”, of early attempts of bands like the Undead and Mourning Noise, and is successful in matching the unparalleled horror punk fury of The Misfits. Yes, one or two tracks are of slower tempo, but they fit right in somehow with the wannabee Earth A.D tracks like “Take Me to Your Room” and “Night Of The Bats.” Describing these as wannabees is not an insult,especially when being compared to someone like the Misfits. The key here is consistency in quality. The players aren’t the best, but they are just talented enough to pull it off without being polished or overbearing like so many others in the modern horror punk genre come across these days.The music doesn’t try too hard or come across forced. Some of the sound bites might seem unecessary, but it takes away nothing to the beauty that this belongs in 2008 as much as it does in 1988…or more appropriately say,1983. A good album should not sound dated and this simpleton horror punk assault is successful in not giving off that vibe. Now the question and the crime of it is, with this being a self release…how many deprived ears will go without ever hearing this rare gem in an era of musical redundance and unoriginality,especially in our hungry genre of choice…”


Samhain, Misfits, GG Allin, Stooges,many more


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