Voice: Damian Martinez
Guitar: Javier Cayon - Guitar / Vocals
Bass: Manuel Cruz
Drums: Charlie B.
Others: Harold Franco a.k.a Ari Gold - Guitar
Label: Independent
Genre: Melodic Punk Rock
Location: Maracaibo, Venezuela
Status: Not Active

Brief Bio:- Kingpin

Kingpin is a melodic punk rock band, formed in late September 1999 in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela. The band name comes from a hardware screw part of skateboarding. 

With the musical influences of bands like Face To Face, Pennywise, Millencolin, Bouncing Souls, Cpm22, among many others. Its themes are based on a sense of positivism and rebellion on the basis of his own philosophy 'No matter what they say or do other people, what matters is believing in yourself and move on without looking back.' 

Currently the band is comprised of Damian Martinez (vocals), Javier Cayon (Guitar / Vocals), Manuel Cruz (bass) and Harold Franco (Guitar). 

To date, Kingpin has 3 EPs, a music video and an album entitled 'Better Days' in which is available for free download on his myspace site. The singles '212' and 'Surface' have come to hear nationally, currently in La Mega is rotating the track 'Sorry' which is within the album 'Better Days.' Some of the events where the band has taken part we mention the New Bands Festival Circuit editing the West as guest band, held in Maracaibo in 2006, opening the presentation of the band 'Aggression' during his stopover in the city of Maracaibo aspart of his Latin American tour, participation in the Festival 'Pure Rock Festival 2007' with an audience that packed the Roxy Theatre facilities in Maracaibo, also closing the Illicit Movement Festival in Valencia, among other important presentations. 


Face To Face, , Pennywise, Millencolin, Bouncing Souls, CPM22, entre muchas otras.


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02 Mi mundo al reves

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