Kickback UK


Voice: Francis - sings / Guitar
Guitar: Kingy
Bass: Summers - Voice / Bass
Drums: Sam
Others: Hannah - Sax, Andi - sings /Trumpet
Genre: Ska Punk
Location: Manchester, England
Status: Not Active

Brief Bio:- Kickback UK

Kickback are 6 of the best people in the entire world, united by a love of playing music that is fast, powerful, melodic, and danceable. The band formed in late 2006, with their first gigs being tour support to Germany's Greedy Bees on their second UK tour.

Kickback play fast, loud and melodic punk with some ska thrown in for good measure. We do what we like and we like what we do.

Unfortunately it'll come as no surprise to hear we don't really exist as a band any more. No massive breakups or fallouts, we just sort of stopped. I've started a new band based in Leeds called Eat Defeat, Francis and Hannah are still going strong with Stand Out Riot, and Andi and Francis can be seen getting punx with Leagues Apart. Cheers for your support guys and gals :)




April 09 2010

Good news bad news.

Let's get the new goods new in there first guys, because there's a whole heap of it. Firstly we're currently in the process of recording 3 new tunes for a split to be released on Ska Mutiny Records in July:


It's going to be every bit as freakin awesome as the artwork (done by the wonderful Dan Allen). The tentative release date is July 1st, no doubt there will be some audio previews before then though! Our submissions are 3 lovely new tunes which go by the name of Gradwell That Ends Well (Cut From The Team), Attitude Adjustment and A Curriculum Vitae in Extracurricular Activities. We've been playing them live for a little bit, so you may be vaguely familiar with them.

Speaking of live, we have some choice gigs coming up in the next few months, including the much anticipated TOUR OF DEATH 2 with our awesome buds Tyrannosaurus Alan and Stand Out Riot. It's a bit of a new one to us as it's going to be purely Southern dates, so if you're from darn sarf and haven't had a chance to check us out yet, then this summer is your chance! More details on the dates when they're 100%, but it's coming together nicely.

As for the upcoming months, we are of course sharing the stage with the wonderous SONIC BOOM SIX next sunday at Manchester Academy 3. It would be super awesome if you showed up for doors to check us out, it's going to be an exciting one. We've also got a whole host more Manc shows, check the gig list for more details but they are beauts!

And this brings us to the bad news. After 6 years, countless gigs and many a spilled pint, Bomb Ibiza promotions will be calling it a day. If you've never been to a B.I event, you really have no idea what Manchester is about to lose. It's more than just a gig or a clubnight, it's a community, it's a breeding ground for awesome, and it will be sorely, sorely missed. Way back when me and Kingy were playing awful music with Failure By Design, Em gave us many words of wisdom, as well as many gigs that honestly we didn't deserve to be playing. We met tonnes and tonnes of new friends and new favourite bands through B.I, and the Ska Bar to us was always a measuring stick for the scene. Let me get one thing straight - KBUK would not exist without Bomb Ibiza, and it's a crushing blow to both us and the Manchester scene that we have to say goodbye to it. Our very own Francis will be carrying on the Ska Bar in Em's absence (and it will still be awesome), but nothing will be able to recreate the past 6 years.

So do yourself a favour - support your local promoters and local bands, because you never know how much you'll miss them when they're gone.

That's all for now folks.



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