Jericho Mile


Guitar: Vincent Walsh: Guitars and Vocals
Bass: Fran McCormack: Bass and Vocals
Drums: Harry Streng
Others: Johnny Murphy: Keys
Genre: Post Punk, New Wave, Alternative
Location: Dublin
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Jericho Mile

Jericho Mile - a distraction from the wonders of everyday life and a desire to put to rest many unanswered questions, Jericho Mile challenge all those who would begrudge the sleeping dog his right to bight back.

Born almost from legend - Jericho Mile are a group of combatants from the music scene of the last decades of the 20th century who have returned from the wilderness to share with you a little of the darkness, madness and joy that dwells in every human soul. If they can see further than others it is only because they dare to.


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