Jack Counteract


Voice: Peter Zemitis
Guitar: Brad Barry - Lead Guitar
Bass: Ebony Tonkin
Drums: Joel Collins
Others: Dragan Lulic - Guitar
Genre: Punk Rock
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Jack Counteract

Jack Counteract are a punk rock band from Adelaide, South Australia. Initially the journey to get the band formed was started by our drummer Joel, in 2006. That is a long story so we will keep it short by saying this......8 guitarists, 4 bass players, 3 singers and 5 years later Jack Counteract was formed.

It all came together in a couple of months and we played our first show in August 2011. In 2012 we parted ways with our original singer and Peter stepped in to take over the role.

Drawing influence mainly from SoCal punk rock, 80s hardcore and some early thrash metal we have been described by others as old school/skate punk. Our aim is to create original, energetic and thought provoking music.


Rise Against, Pennywise, Bad Religion


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