Inhuman Conditions


Voice: Ridi / Tobbe
Guitar: Thomas / Thorsten
Bass: Arnie
Drums: Piefke
Others: Bernd (pen&typewriter)
Genre: Thrash / Hardcore / Metal / Old School
Location: Bochum, Germany
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Inhuman Conditions

We started out as a (I shudder to think) Black Metal-outfit in '85 and were really poor musicians. Take some clueless school kids and add some weirdos from our circle of friends and stir it real well and you get your mid 80s Black Metal wannabes. At least two guys in the band could play a bit, so we came up with a couple of songs. Luckily most recordings of that time are lost. *sigh* About a year later we got in touch with Hardcore and it so happened we began to listen to more Punk and less Metal and also our attitude changed a lot. Of course this also had a major impact on the music we wanted to play. It was not much of a deliberate decision though, but rather a natural process. We went through a time of being pretty much Crossover, still playing under our ingenious Black Metal-name "Evil Prophecy" and self-released our first demo in '87. What already set us apart from most of the other Metal-bands of that time was our attitude and our lyrics, dealing with social issues, racism, injustice rather than singing about Satan and knocking the other fellow down to drink their blood and sacrifice their heart to the Dark Lord and stuff. Later in '87 we no longer felt comfortable with our name and changed it to "Inhuman Conditions" to pay tribute to our change in attitude and music. A second self-released demo under our new name was soon to follow.

By '88 the process of rearranging the band was pretty much complete and we had done away with almost anything what was left of the "Metal stain", now considering us a true Hardcore Punk-band (which culminated in the release of our first vinyl, the infamous "Sanction SA" EP, a benchmark product for German Hardcore Thrash of that time, if you ask me). But we never completely lost some minor Metal-influences what. Guess that kinda sticks like a plague, hahaha. In 1989 I got kicked from the band for being sick way too often (yeah yeah, I was a sickly kid), they got a new (much better) singer and came up with a whole bunch of really excellent songs and releases. It kinda all went down the drain when my successor left the band in 1992. They kept on playing until 1994 (with changing line-ups) but never were able to get back to former glory and then broke up for good...until NOW!!

We got back together in June this year reuniting the original line-up of '85 plus my great successor (no offense to band members of later times but that's who we are and always were supposed to be) and it was all out FUN right from the start!! And hard work, considering our age. We are all in our early to late 40s now and things are getting a bit harder. But the fun never ends. Oh, and we were starting to have two singers now, as you might have already guessed. Me and my good friend Tobbe, who replaced me back in those dark ages. I am doing my stuff, he is doing his stuff and we support each other, doing backing vocals for each other, even sharing songs. It is so GREAT!! A whole new feeling and a whole new source of power. And also a good chance to catch some breath while the other guy is doing his part, hahaha. We are going to play shows again soon and new songs and new releases (D.I.Y.) are on the way. Cheers and hugs from Ridi

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