Voice: Matt Charbonneau (Vocals and Guitar)
Guitar: Sam Pierce
Bass: Josh Klose
Drums: Joe Miles

Genre: Punk Rock
Location: Brighton, United Kingdom
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Imbium

Imbium are a punk rock band from Brighton England, although we believe every band should have the freedom to explore and expand any musical boundary. We pride ourselves in this diversity, whilst still maintaining a consistent sound. We just want to gain enough appeal to have fun and show people our music.

Imbium fuse the three chord onslaughts of Green Day with the Americana of Angels & Airwaves and the mystical melodies of Muse with a garnishing of grunge, but are open to any and all musical influences.

Formed in 2012 as a trio, Matt Charbonneau, Josh Klose and Joe Miles began writing and playing together with occasional gigs throughout West Sussex and beyond including a South Coast Battle of the Bands in Salisbury, which was covered in a local newspaper. Since the addition of a forth member Sam Pierce, Imbium have recorded their debut EP and started playing more regular gigs to promote their music.

Bringing energy, performance and confidence to each show, we believe every gig is as important as the last and thrive off the buzz of being on stage. Throughout the set-list, Imbium perform a wide range of originals ranging from grunge to rock ballads, adding covers from Culture Club to Red Hot Chill Peppers to Biffy Clyro.


Billie Joe Armstrong, Kurt Cobain, The Vengaboys, John Barrowman


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