I Hate People


Voice: Law - Guitar/Vocals
Guitar: Larry - Guitar
Bass: Ken - Bass/Vocals
Drums: NoRhythmJim - Drums/Vocals
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Location: Aurora, IL.
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- I Hate People

In late 2007 Lawrence “LAW” Patrickus (guitar/vocals) couldn’t find anybody to jam good old fashioned fast paced hard hitting punk rock with. So he called his uncle Jimmy “No Rhythm Jim” Patrickus (drums/vocals) who asked long time friend Ken Smock (bass/vocals) to come jam. The trio started playing shows in early 2008 as I Hate People. With an unforgiving and relentless tempo, short songs, Aural assaulting vocals comin from 3 directions. IHP continued as a trio for the next 3 years writing and playing live whenever and where ever they could. In 2011 LAW was unable to make a show. So another long time friend and passionate guitarist Matt “Fat Larry” Hamilton (guitar) learned their current set and was asked to stay. A Quartet of jerks some may say. But the music keeps getting better, The tempo’s faster, guitars heavier, bass pronounced, vocals assulteriffic. No glits no glamour nothing fancy just straight forward full throttle pedal to the floor balls out rock n roll. Their first studio album titled “Pound it Out” is appropriately named 11 songs 17 minutes. Recorded in the live in the studio tradition of old. So what you see live is what you get on the recording. IHP will play with any kind of band no matter the stylistic differences. Whether it’s a basement, bar, bingo hall, backyard, pool house


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