Global Affront


Guitar: Rico Colley - Vocals/Guitar
Bass: Shane Hunt-Dussé
Drums: Eric Wellington

Label: Rally Up Records
Genre: Punk Rock
Location: San Francisco, CA
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Global Affront

Global Affront formed in 2009 when Rico Colley and Eric Wellington started jamming in Eric's backyard shed/studio in Redwood City, CA. They started out by playing Nirvana, Sex Pistols and Green Day covers, but began writing some originals in response to the Oakland BART shooting and riots that pursued. With their new material, they began playing small, local shows in the SF Bay Area and finally met an audio engineer at a Green Day concert in Mountain View who offered to record and produce their first EP in 2011. After recording and releasing their debut (self-titled) EP, they sent their material all over the SF Bay Area and ended up getting booked to play at legendary venues such as the Continental Club and The DNA Lounge. Soon after, they began writing music more driven by the demand for social and political justice, rather than just angst, and also recruited Shane Hunt-Dussé as their bassist. In 2012, they went into the studio to record their 2nd EP entitled, "Another Fucking Global Affront EP." The EP was released at the Gorilla Music Battle of the Bands in SF, and Global Affront won first prize. In early 2013, they teamed up with SF Suicide Prevention and put on a benefit concert at The Regency Center with all proceeds going to SF Suicide Prevention. In 2013, they hit the I'm on a Boat Music Fest in Long Beach and even across the country, hitting world-famous venues like 924 Gilman in the San Francisco Bay Area, Whisky A GoGo in Los Angeles, Sullivan Hall in New York City, and many more. They're releasing their debut album stay tuned comrades.


Bad Religion -Green Day -NOFX -Anti-Flag -Sex Pistols -Operation Ivy -The Casualties -Rise Against -The Exploited -GBH -Nirvana -Rancid -The Ramones


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