Guitar: Kim - Guitar & vocals
Bass: Tort - Bass & vocals
Drums: Olke - Drums & vocals

Label: Tonehjulet Kraftpest
Genre: Hardcore / Thrash / Punk
Location: Oslo / Østfold - Norway
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Freedumb

Freedumb is a three-headed beast that has developed in the industrial wastelands in the outskirts of Oslo for 10 years. It delivers a suckerpunch of a debut album that blasts straight through your balls, and continiues to travel so deep past your rectum opening it starts to feel real good. It's a mix between everything within the rockgenre that's good, from the times before things started to repeat itself. 80's hardcore, good ol' punk rock and thrashy metal has been thrown into a pot, spiked with cheap alcohol and whatever spices within reach, and boiled down to one cheeky fucker. Take it as a sidedish, a main course or as implied earlier, up the wazoo... Either way, this record is gonna rock your intestants!


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