Fina Flor do Entulho


Voice: Danix (Berros & Guitarra)
Guitar: James Loose (Guitarra & Efeitos Espaciais)
Bass: Pedro K. (Baixo & Sangue na Guelra)
Drums: Miguel (Bateria & artilharia pesada)

Genre: Hadcore / Punk
Location: Portugal
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Fina Flor do Entulho

Rock Regado a Vinho do Porto, cirrose dura desde 2008

It seems that at the end of 2008 someone remembered that the debris should also be mentioned!
Not any debris, only the best, one that spreads more and more in this decadent society!
Some in the fashion of the herds, bow their heads and follow a goat that runs in front of any path, no matter where it goes ...
Others take up arms and wage war! And if this war begins with two dissidents who are truly the core of this band, armed with guitars to distill distortion, Daniel voices the rebellion while James invents new ways to trigger the electrical blunderbuss!
Rock in Portuguese, no tricks, willing to try new ways, every concert of this band is unique and unrepeatable!
This constant innovation is difficult to understand by the average common human and that the lineup changes have been necessary.
Since early this year to join these two veterans of war 2 new recruits who also abstain from saluting: Rui and Pedro on drums and bass, reinforcements, mark the step as the rubble is dumped right in front. If you want to hear a completely different sound than usual, if you like the recurring themes of our society as unfit for military service if you want to see the political circus on fire, if you are not shocked when you saw flying inflatable dolls on stage, if you dont care to see a concert in inhospitable places such as the middle of a street or even a prison, then you have to see how you do the party here in Porto!

Os Fina Flor do Entulho, banda do Porto, acabam de parir o seu 1st EP chamado "Carne de Deus", nada contra religião (á primeira vista), inspirado em cogumelos alucinogênicos com este mesmo nome, onde através de provas passadas e histórias reais debitaram o som deste álbum.
Composto por 7 musicas, sem conotações e sem nada em comum, vinho do Porto destilado de varias colheitas.
Simplesmente uma massagem ao tímpano acompanhado de um copo na mão e charuto na outra

Google Translation:
The Fine Flower Dross, a band of Porto, just to give birth to their 1st EP called "Flesh of God," nothing against religion (at first sight), inspired by hallucinogenic mushrooms with the same name, where through tests passed and true stories debitaram the sound of this album.
Consisting of 7 songs, without connotations and nothing in common, port wine distillate of various crops.
Simply massage the eardrum with a glass in hand and cigar in the other


Lixo Social. Bois da nova ordem mundial, genocídios em massa, manipuladores de consciência, heróis da sociedade, pedófilos, religião pregadora de limpeza do altar, rebanhos com pastor... achamos que cada um é como é e tem que ter o seu espaço, nem que seja em Marte. De resto, estamos todos à espera de ir para o céu, com vinho e um campo verdejante, com o som de fundo de cascatas e gemidos de bacanais eternos.


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