Emergency Bitter


Voice: Ferret
Guitar: Joe
Bass: Alb
Drums: Phil

Genre: Punk
Location: SW London / Kingston
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Emergency Bitter

Emergency Bitter are a mild, unassuming bunch who got together for the love of drinking, punk rock and having a good night out. The South West London four piece have charmed and entertained punters for the last five years with their brand of old school punk supporting UK Subs, Sham 69, Teenage Bottlerocket and Vanian/James along the way.

The debut album CIDERFOOTBALLPUNKROCK was released in 2013 and received a warm wlecome and a 7/10 rating from Vive Le Rock

We have some more gigs lined up in the near future so come on down and have a drink with us. If you want to book us let us know, as we really need to get out more... See you at the bar, it's your round EB

CD, shirts and tat are available from the band via the links below or from emergencybitter@bigcartel.com

"It's exactly how punk should sound - simple, raw and imperfect. (They) have delivered another anthemic album that does exactly what it says on the tin" VIVE LE ROCK

A band worth your attention and consideration. This is truly PUNK with a SMILE that would shame the Cheshire cat in to retirement!! www.studsandpunks.co.uk

South London's Emergency Bitter aren't likely to reinvent music, but that's not the point. They're here to put on a show and have a damn good time. And their debut album Ciderfootballpunkrock is a shit-ton of fun. www.afropunk.com

Raw, gritty and catchy. Pure underdog, Emergency Bitter is a great band out of the UK http://punkrock77thrutoday.wordpress.com/

I think it is probably best appreciated once drink has been taken, but I have enjoyed it. http://www.goldentimes.co.uk/

Contact Email – emergencybitter@hotmail.com


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