Dustin Hoffman


Guitar: Mare
Bass: Vegan
Drums: Mihon
Others: Bam - Guitar
Genre: Skaterock
Location: Ljubljana-Slovenia
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Dustin Hoffman

DUSTIN HOFFMAN is an oldschool skaterock band from Ljubljana (Slovenia), formed by four friends, skateboarders that just wanted to make some noise!

A band is really more hangin in the basement trough the winter while we cant skate street, than a serious group with plans and,... We just wanted to make something out of getting bored, so the "sounds of hollywood" demo cd is here!

Recorded in few drunk hours and mixed in the next few, Dustin Hoffman sounds just neurotic and disturbed ,...Without any clear message for the average listener, we  are touching the similarity with the "modern society" way of life,... Chaotic, unpredictable, ignorant, evol and after all totally degenerated!

No matter that D.H. noise is inspired by bands such as Born against, Septic death, Neurosis, Rorschach... We dont want to categorize our music in any genre,...For us is just a skaterock and we are fuckin waiting for the summer and dry stair sets, F.U.C.K. anything else! especially hollywood religions


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