Guitar: Frankie Wood - Vocals/Guitar
Bass: Terry Stevens - Bass
Drums: Griffin Bender - Drums

Genre: Punk Fuckery
Location: Ontario, Canada
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Dimwits

Formed in January of 2014, the three piece band began writing punk and thrash music. Dimwits played shows in the hamilton punk scene throughout 2014. Their first EP (self titled) was released in April of 2014. (looking back, it was crap) In late February of 2015, Dimwits had gained a new bass player after Chris Humphrey left to pursue other musical endeavours. Terry Stevens now joins Frankie and Griffin as they work towards Dimwits' second EP to be released later in 2015. Multiple Demo recordings and compilations have been released since the first Dimwits EP independently. Diwmits has played in many cities throughout Ontario Canada as of mid-2015.


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