Detroit 442


Voice: Lacy GaGa
Guitar: Jay Strangler
Bass: Aaron Ericsson
Drums: Fill
Others: Eric Jolly - Guitar
Label: Detroit Noise
Genre: Punk
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Detroit 442

Detroit 442 was formed in march 2006 after the initial art collective of Detroit 44 fell apart in the summer of 2005, the 44 represents the .44 caliber snub nosed revolver used by the Son of Sam killer, Son of Sam was the name of the band the singer Lacy was in. 44 2 is the second and new collective . The first incarnation of Detroit 442 recorded a CD, toured Europe twice and broke up after the guitarist ran off with the band money to pay for his drug and strippers addiction. Got back together in 2009 with Scott and Scott from the Beer Whores and Bean from the second line up and broke up again after recording the "another night in Detroit " 7". The singer then moved to Billig Blasen, Germany," because it was a real friendly place", but like most place after a while it began to suck and it was time to get back to Detroit for more damage. The group reformed again a few days ago with a line up of from 4 to 8 people on stage depending on the performance, current member include former Hillside Stranglers member ,Guantanamo Jay on bass and Phil from the Ratfinks on drums, Mick Jones on guitar(not to be confused with the former Clash guitarist) , Dan Meder on some vocals, Scott C on guitar, Lacy 442 on most vocals and theremin so catch them while you can. 

Detroit 442 , an old Blondie song, a car engine, a football (soccer) formation, number of fires during the Detroit 1967 riot. Their sound is described by many as a cross between The Dead Boys, Hugo Ball, The Damned, Maneki Neko, and an amp turned up all the way. Punk, punk, and more punk.

Currently the group is making a soundtrack to newly made videos in the style of Vienna action group films in honor of the late Otto Muehl that are being filmed in Detroit this summer, we hope for a release later this year before the group's tour of Europe early 2014. 


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