Das frivole Burgfräulein


Voice: The Gottheit
Guitar: Frollein K-Mann
Bass: Dok:Z
Drums: Bobby Sunwig

Label: Schulanfang'77 (Eigenvertrieb)
Genre: Punk Rock
Location: Bonn, Germany
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Das frivole Burgfräulein

Punk music should be fun and to dance to inspire, but still shake up mercilessly and go forward. The German-punk band The frivolous maidens skillfully combine these elements.

After the album "Punkverräter"on their website to download free gifts, this was downloaded over 3000 times in a short time.

On a "Tribute" album "on 18th birthday gathered artists like Zakkelmann(Ex-sphincter), Fred and Tim fleet Totte (Monsters of Songwriting), Babette Vageena(The Vaggenas), spirit, The red rats (Heiter sunny) and many others played a song by or through "The damsel frivolous" one.


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