Voice: Dan Smith
Guitar: Rob Piper & Chris Brown
Bass: Karl Sursham
Drums: Andy Borg

Label: Lockjaw Records
Genre: Melodic Hardcore Punk
Location: London, UK
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Darko

Melodic and heavy, fast and intricate, Guildford’s new favorite punk band Darko are leaving a massive technical boot print on the UK music scene with the release of their newest EP From Trust To Conformity.

Following on from the release of their debut self-titled release in 2010 Darko take elements of the modern hardcore and mash it up with the skate punk sound, reminiscent of 90’s era Epi-Fat bands.

Darko have been treating audiences to one of the most incendiary live shows. Having played with countless bands from around the world Darko have garnered a reputation as one of the best live acts the UK + european punk scene has to offer.

The latest EP 'From Trust To Conformity' is five tracks of high-octane riff filled hardcore punk rock. The record was produced and engineered by Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Trails, Homeless Music) ensuring a solid sound.


Strung Out, Propaghandi, A Wilhelm Scream, No Trigger, Pennywise, Thrice, Rise Against, Heartsounds


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album: Darko EP
genre: Melodic Hardcore Punk
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01 We Are Here

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