Dan Webb and the Spiders


Voice: Dan Webb
Guitar: Chris Amaral
Bass: Dan Wallace
Drums: Matt Kenney

Genre: Punk
Location: Boston, MA
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Dan Webb and the Spiders

We are from Boston and have been active since late 2009. In that time we have released 3 full length records, toured Europe and the East Coast / Midwest of the US and shared the stage with: Cobra Skulls, Nothington, Tyvek, Sloppy Seconds, Smoke or Fire, Lemuria, The Arrivals, Statues, The Dopamines, The Sainte Catherines, Grabass Charlstons, Vacation, The Slow Death, Jeff Rowe, Canadian Rifle, The Biters, Such Gold, Wolves and the Radio, Daylight, Big Soda, Mikey Erg, Hostage Calm, One Win Choice, Joyce Manor, the Fake Boys, the Riot Before and Thousandaires among others.


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"Just Relax" by Dan Webb and the Spiders at the Middle East Upstairs 8/9/12

Category: Music
Duration: 00:02:14
A tasty bite of melodious punk from a good night of punk music (which featured the band's 7" vinyl release of "Beach Party." This song is from their "Yeah, Sure" album). This was also the first real test of my shiny new Zoom Q2HD pocket video camera (see extensive tech notes below.) For more band and venue info:

Q2HD Tech Notes
The punk show was a good test of the devices ability to record loud rock concerts with funky lighting. For the above video, I set the microphone "angle" to 120 degrees, the sound quality to 48 kHz/16 bits, the video to 1080p/30 fps, the "scene" setting to "concert lighting," and the mic gain turned all the way down to "0". The Q2HD came with two Maxell AAA alkaline batteries, which I used for the night until they were drained. Breaking things down:

Video quality
Better than I expected from a Flip-style camera. For a couple of years, my main concert camera was a Kodak Zi8 with a Sony ECM-DS70P mic plugged into it via a right angle adapter. The Q2HD's "concert lighting" mode obviously cut down quite a bit the excessive contrast in video recording often caused by club show spotlights, and which would have tripped the Zi8 here. It did make the overall video darker than I expected, but I was able to brighten things with little noise (It saves to Quicktime "MOV" files, so for editing, I used Avidemux 2.5.6 with its MPlayer eq2, Luma equalizer, and MSharpen filters, and with MPEG-4 AVC for compression -- Constant Rate Factor set to 24 -- in an AVI container.) It's not quite up with my newer rig, combination of a Sony HX9V camera and Zoom H2n audio recorder, in terms of clarity and zoominess, but....it fits
in my pocket and starts up with a push of a red button, which is an order of magnitude much more convenient than the Sony/Zoom rig. It's even more convenient than my nearly as compact Kodak/Sony combo since I didn't have plug in a microphone and remember to set the mic level.

The only recording drawback of note is the size of the display screen when recording: it's not quite 1 1/4 inches (~32mm) wide. That's really tiny by even what my Zi8 had, but I got use to it fairly quickly. Still, it looks like they could have fit in a screen just over 1 1/2" (or 40mm) wide and kept everything else the same. That would have been a noticeable improvement.

Audio quality
Already having a Zoom H2n, so that made for a good basis of comparison. The H2n has many more audio options than the Q2HD, which makes sense since the H2n is a dedicated audio recorder. I have been using the H2n with audio quality set to 48 kHz/16 bits and using a wide "Mid side" recording angle, as well as having the Mic Gain usually set to 0 fpr loud shows -- all of which matches up with what I set the Q2HD. The only audio option that didn't match up was that I had the H2n's limiter set to "Limiter1(Concert)" as a safety measure for really loud concerts -- the Q2HD had no comparable option, so I had to hope that just setting the Mic Gain to 0 would be enough. The Q2HD's volume level meter showed it just kissing its maximum just a couple of times during all songs I recorded, but it unclear if it would have clipped if it went beyond that.

The audio from the above video was comfortably within range according to my audio editor.

A logarithmic frequency analysis graph shows a maximum amplitude bump at around 230 Hz with a fairly linear slope of about 40 db to about 9.5 kHz, followed by a little bump up at about 12.2 kHz, and finally a steep falloff after about 16 kHz. At the low end side of the 230 Hz bump, there was only about a 6 db falloff to about 160 Hz, when it was essentially level until at least to 45 Hz. When everything was EQ'd and adjusted to my liking, it came out very, very good sounding, with the final result was pretty much indistinguishable from what I've been getting from my H2n.

Battery life
The Maxell alkaline batteries that were included with the Q2HD powered it for 4.88 Gb of video files. Timewise, a little bit of math involving the longest song indicates that this represented just under 51 minutes of recording time, with my starting and stopping at pauses between songs. That makes sense with what I ended up recording.

Other things
Whatever settings you put in stay, and there are brightness and power options for the display screen.

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