Voice: Kevin Kehde - Singing & Guitar
Guitar: Christoph Wind
Bass: Tim Schütz
Drums: Nico Janßen

Label: Erdkern-Records
Genre: Funk / Punk / Surf
Location: Enger, Northrhine Westphalia
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Copilot

Founded near Bielefeld), in early 2008 by Kevin Kehder (vocals & guitar), Tim Schuetz (bass), Christoph Wind (guitar) and Nico Janssen (drums).


The music of the four seventeen year olds can be divided in the direction of "Punk" lane, is also sung entirely in German.


Although one may expect it by the style, the lyrics are, therefore, without great slogans and have not yet wrapped in Bulky or arbitrariness.


Rather, it is stated in the texts of their own personal and political view, and still attempt to make room for their own thoughts and feelings.


Punk says in this case especially critical and uncomfortable, less aggressive, but the more quickly and expedite driving.


Through the chanting and the tendency to show tune can be used as the direction of music groups such as "turbo country", "Pascow" or "Muff Potter" call, which could be even cover with live performances by discovering copilot.


Live program was precisely that after the first tentative steps together in early 2008 in concerts presented in the region during the year were added in Bielefeld and Minden concerts and festivals.


The first publication in December, a split cassette with the friendly bands of Jan.Tenner, happy but not satisfied and Grill Master Flash edited in a limited version, which contains three specially recorded songs.


Beginning of the new year, they visited the "goose flesh Studio Passenger" by Gunnar Ennen (uA "Gisbert to Knyphausen") and played live on a day a seven songs which can be found on the 3.27 published CD "Small Town Stories" again.


The CD, which is characterized also by a handmade cardboard cover, will be sold on its own without a label on MySpace.


For next year, after more concerts and studio work again also planned a tour through Germany.


This is one among others in search of labels, promoters and other bands that can be enthusiastic about joint operations.




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