Guitar: Kevin Alguire - Guitars/Vocals
Bass: Keith Chatham - Vocals/Bass
Drums: Joe Devlin - Drums/Throat

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Location: Unites States
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- CONDEMNED?

CONDEMNED?-The Question, is a Heavy/Punk/Metal band with Spacey/Jazzy fusion twists and sense of our own unique direction. The band started as one of the first wave of CrossOver Punk/Metal bands back in the early 80's. Founded in the Historical S.F.Bay Area, when the Early Bay Area Metal influenced by N.W.O.H.M. and Hard-core punk rock scenes were just starting to intertwine and create Crossover and Thrash music. We were first forged in"1985" by "Keith Chatham" Vocals/Bass. He moved from San Francisco at 19 to Melbourne, Australia to play in the bands "Death Sentence and "Vicious Circle"after "Condemned to Death" broke up(1983-84). While there living in squats the band was formed with the help of Les Rumick/Guitar (Vicious Circle) and Dave Ross/Drums (Civil Dissident/Vicious Circle ). The first album"Humanoid or Biomechanoid" was first recorded in 1985 and released-1986 in Australia's on Phil MacDougall's "Reactor Records". In 1986 Keith moved back to San Francisco to join forces with Slade Anderson/Drums (Mercenary/Black Mackeral) and 3 members of Attitude Adjustment -Andy Andersen/Vocals, Rick Strahl/Guitar and Chris Scaparro/Guitar to form "Condemned Attitude" which later was just "Attitude" with the release of there album "Kein Schlaf Bis Deutchland". At this time Keith met "Markus Steiger" of the newly formed "Nuclear Blast Records" and we decided to release the first album."San Francisco/Melbourne Prog.Punk-Metal band CONDEMNED? would go down in Metal history by being the first act to have a CD produced, in 1987, by the then newly established Nuclear Blast label. Keith then started "Something Scaley" and recorded 2 demo's and an E.P."Biomechasaurus" and one album "21 days Downunder".
In 2009 Keith and Rick re-united on the island of Maui with Slade Anderson back in Cali and we did a demo "Island Fever" then incorporating 3 members of "Black Mackeral" we did the 2-C.D. album "Condemned 2 Death/ C2D-2" this was released once again on "Nuclear Blast"! 2011 brought "Joe Devlin's monstrous drum skills to the plate, formerly of Attitude/The Lincolns and the Insanity Puppets. We are now Touring 2013 with a few mini U.S. Tours and the recording of another record "STEAMED PUNKS"!!


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