Cash For Soul


Voice: Carl Amundson - Guitar/Vocals
Guitar: Max Watson - Guitar/Vocals
Bass: Jay Schillo
Drums: Matt Greenhaus

Genre: Punk, Pop Punk, Alternative
Location: St Petersburg, FL
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Cash For Soul

We like playing music, hanging out and drinking, so we combined them all and started a band. We write songs as opposed to going to therapy. Everything we do is super awesome, but we're humble.

Known as "the band that plays at Carl's house", Cash For Soul is the band you wish you heard, and now you can. That's our gift to you, your welcome.
Often compared to that 10th shot you probably shouldn't have had, we are both sloppy and drunk - just like we like our women. Actually, we aren't, but Carl thinks it's funny to say we are.


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