Big Meat Hammer


Voice: Jordan Kratz

Bass: Lenny Smith - Bass Guitar (on hiatus), Mack - Bass Guitar (current)
Drums: Greg Arnold
Others: Jim Rand - Rhythm Guitar, Skummy - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Genre: Punk Rock
Location: Portland, Maine
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Big Meat Hammer

BMH was formed in 1989 by Jordan here in Portland, Maine.


We play old school Punk Rock.Jordan and Skummy have been playing for over 30 years now and are the main song writers in the band.Jim Rand is the Station Manager for WMPG and has supported Punk Rock on the Radio for over 20 years.Bands are welcome to get in touch .Lenny Smith is our bass guitarist who is currnetly in a hospital for treatment and is on hiatus.Mack has been a fan of ours for years and now he has taken over Lenny's bass playing.Mack is also an original Punk rocker.Greg has drummed for us on and of for at least 6 years worth.



1960's Garage Rock, 1970's Punk Rock,Iggy,Deadboys,MC5, early 80's Hardcore, Metal


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