Big Ginge and the Nobodies


Voice: Scott McMaster (Big Ginge) - Guitar/ Vocals

Bass: Austin Bayer (Peaches)
Drums: Timmy Mook

Genre: Punk
Location: Youngstown, Ohio
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- Big Ginge and the Nobodies

We're a 3 piece band out of Youngstown Ohio. we play fast, angry, political punk rock music. send us a message because we want gigs and will play practically any show! Even your bathroom!


Gorilla biscuits, screeching weasel, black flag, minor threat, rancid, nofx, the unseen, anti-flag, the rabble, operation ivy, leftover crack, the distillers, descendents, greenday, the sex pistols, bad brains, big ginge and the nobodies, the virus, the casualties, the governments, the lunches provided by the school, racism, sexism, homophobia, other things that piss us off


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