7 Dials Mystery


Voice: Chris, Mike
Guitar: Chris, Mike, Alex
Bass: Chris, Alex
Drums: Gery

Label: Alärm
Genre: Punk Rock
Location: Salzburg, Austria
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- 7 Dials Mystery


Who believes Punk Rock would be dead or can only be found within dusty, old boxes seriously errs! There are four ambitious musicians with the sounding name 7 DIALS MYSTERY who are rocking stages all over the world since 2009 with a breathtaking, modern and nevertheless authentic way of Punk Rock.

Their mixture between sophisticated riffs and catchy melodies shows that even after more than 30 years Punk is still able to move masses! The four guys proved this fact in more than 60 concerts within the last three years. Among this amount you will find concerts at the legendary Donauinselfest in Vienna as well as concerts at the Zipfair Festival together with the famous Dog Eat Dog (US) and the well-known Killerpilzen (DE). Furthermore 7 DIALS MYSTERY played various concerts as support for international Punk legends like Mad Caddies (US), The Bouncing Souls (US) and The Menzingers (US).

Although 7 DIALS MYSTERY initially has been founded as a three man band and also released its first EP "Dog Against The System" as a threesome, Chris, Gery and Alex fast realized that for their completion, they would need a fourth band member, which already has been found after a short time in the enormously talented guitarist and singer Mike.

The enormous successful, in autumn 2013 released second EP with the emotional name "Broken Bones, Hearts and Souls" as well as the corresponding first music video for the song "Reason To Forgive" display one more time that 7 DIALS MYSTERY not only knows how to make professional Punk Rock, they can moreover easily keep up with international successful bands!


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