4 Skeevy Dudes


Voice: -T-
Guitar: Joe / Back-up Vocals
Bass: Chad
Drums: Chris

Genre: Punk Rock / Ska
Location: Jefferson City, Missouri
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- 4 Skeevy Dudes

From Jefferson City Missouri four musicians came together to form what is now known as 4 Skeevy Dudes. With an exciting mix of Punk and Ska, 4 Skeevy Dudes have started making their mark on the music scene.

The lead singer-Trinity, also known as T to his friends, fronts this collection of talented artists. The energy and enthusiasm he brings to the stage is infectious as the bare footed front man pours sweat giving all that he has in every song to ensure that the crowd feels the music like intended.

Guitarist-Joe with his old school punk thrasher drives the music. He rocks on his low riding guitar slamming the strings with every down stroke, producing a sound that any punk fan would love.

Bassist-Chad, beats on his ax with ferocity, and was known to play a show with nothing but his bass and naked glory. "I never felt like an actual bass player until this band".

Drummer-Chris pours his heart and sole into every show. Numerous times the drum set is vacated for a quick exhaustion vomit outback and then back on the drums...not missing a beat.


No Label Punk Band Promotions

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