3rd Rate


Voice: Ruben Cervantes - Vocals/guitar
Guitar: Angel Mora - Vocals/guitar
Bass: Stephen Finn
Drums: Skin head Luis

Genre: Punk
Location: Torrance, CA
Status: Active

Brief Bio:- 3rd Rate

3rd Rate started out as a three piece punk band which featured Ruben Cervantes (lead guitar and vocals), Luis DiHarce (drums) and Stephen Finn (Bass). August 6, 2011 was the date of the debut show at Harold's Place, a local dive bar, in San Pedro, CA. In mid 2012 Angel Mora joined the ranks as additional vocals and rhythm guitar. Together, now as a four piece band, they play working class punk. Their influences, to name a few, include GBH, Bad Religion, and Social Distortion. As time progressed, 3rd Rate began playing with more well known bands like The Stitches, Aggression, Circle One, Narcoleptic Youth and many others. Up to this date, 3rd Rate continues as an active band, writing and composing upbeat and aggressive punk with a twist of other genres.


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